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The new Twitter logo comes to the application

Updated: Jan 23

The image decided by billionaire Elon Musk.

In an update to its app available since Friday for some areas, Twitter has replaced the blue bird icon with a white X on a black background.

The change, which had already reached the desktop version, will now be visible on the screens of millions of smartphones that have the popular social network application downloaded, once they update it.

Almost in parallel, the company owned by Musk completed the installation at the top of its headquarters of a large X after having removed the previous logo from the building.

The businessman himself shared on Twitter early this Saturday two videos in which that X can be seen illuminated as night falls.

The change, like almost everything that has happened with the company since Musk took over it, has not been without controversy, as the San Francisco authorities have opened an investigation because the company supposedly did not have the appropriate permits for the installation. .

Musk has assured in recent days that the new logo is more than a simple image change and represents a first step towards a broader transformation of the firm for which he paid 44,000 million dollars (39,800 million euros at the current exchange rate), according to the Efe agency.

The choice of the X as the new logo was explained like this by Musk in this last message: "Twitter was bought by X Corp (his company) to guarantee freedom of expression and as an accelerator for X, the application for everything", he pointed out.

He therefore announced that the new Twitter, or X, will have in the coming months new potentialities such as including "end-to-end communications" (which he does not explain clearly), in addition to "the ability to run your entire financial world".

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